Parent’s Corner

Parents have always played a major role in shaping the child care program at Bernie’s Place. Parents serve on our Board of Directors and on committees; assist on field trips; participate in fundraising; spend time reading with children; and join us for meals or group time. We hold parent teacher conferences to share information, set goals and solve programs for each child. Staff and parents work collaboratively to create a very satisfying experience for each family.


“To the wonderful teachers at Bernie’s Place,
Our daughter attended from baby Bernie’s up to age 3 when we moved. She’s now in kindergarten! We have never found a school as special as Bernies! Everyone was so caring – we are so lucky that our girl could attend when she did. She still talks about it :)”

“Thanks so much for welcoming me for lunch today! That is the most delicious egg salad sandwich I’ve ever had. We strive to eat like that at home but don’t always nail it – I’m so glad the kids eat your food every day.
The children were so cute and pleasant and I could tell that they feel respected and loved at mealtime. This was the first complex time of day I’ve witnessed at Bernie’s and I’m beyond impressed with the organization, the patience, and the plain old hard work that each of you put into taking care of our kids.”

“I’m so impressed that all of the staff seem to know what is going on with each child and how professionally the staff deal with one another.”

“The food at Bernie’s is amazing! Thank you for making whole foods a priority.”

“I would not imagine that I would ever be a parent that would find a school program that so statisfied my ideals. I feel like my values and goals for my child are supported and enhanced by the staff at Bernie’s.”

“I feel the staff is incredibly professional and really know and like what they are doing. The staff demonstrate a strong respect for children that is really great and not very common.”

“I am beyond happy with Bernie’s. I am ecstatic that my child and Bernie’s came together for day care.”